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Our Policies


Help Ordering Online

You can make a purchase with us online, select your favourite design then choose your colours and text. If there isn't an option to add what you want write it in the note box as we read this before making your order. Alternitively, contact us to check to see whether this is something we can do.

If you can't seam to figure out our online ordering system, you can send us an email with the order details on, or call us - we fully understand the importance of getting your order absolutely spot on and are happy with any questions you may have!


Payment is taken securely by card, or via paypal. We also accept cheque, bank transfers, and cash on collection (with a 25% deposit).


We do attempt to get all orders out within 3 working days, although sometimes this isn't always possible. This is why we ask you to let us know if your order is needed urgently. More information can be found in the footer under Delivery or click here to view.


We normally give you a 24 hour period to have a think about the sizes and spelling you've given us. After this period, if you would like to make a change, it may cost more. If we've not printed onto your tops but you would like to change a size, we should be able to change it free of charge, however if a top has been made, you will need to pay for another to be made. We can remove wording off a top, but we really don't like doing this and will only do this if it is a small amount of print. Again, at your expense. Each case is different and we will treat each case different according to what it is that needs changing.

Not received on time

We at Holidayhen design and print the T-shirts ourselves, in our office in Bristol, so there should not be a reason for us not being able to complete your order in time, but sometimes orders are missed. This is very very rare, however if you clearly put the order date on your order form, and the correct postage has been paid for, we will issue you a small refund. If you didn't put the you require them on your order form, we cannot be held liable if the order is still in transit. If your order form clearly says when they're needed, we will send your item on the appropriate shipping method to ensure delivery. This information is so vital. If you don't tell us, we don't know, and they will follow in our normal queue.


Please be aware that orders are not returnable. We are unable to re-use t-shirts made specifially for you. This is the case for all personalised items and they are exempt from the distance selling regulations act.

If a spelling mistake was made whilst you we're placing and order, we are not responsible. You will get your order form after ordering, and a 24 hour period to review the order information supplied to us.

If we've made a mistake, then we will action it on a order to order basis.  We will aim to replace any mistakes made prior to the event, but if the event date is too soon for a rectification, we've got guidelines for how we will action it.

1. If a top was placed on a size smaller than requested and is unwearable, we will issue a full refund for that top.

2. If a top was placed on a size larger than requested, we will issue a 50% refund, as the top will still be wearable. This doesn't apply when we've notified you and you've agreed for us to do this. You are giving consent for us to amend the order.

3. If your tops arrive smaller than expected, we do not offer any refunds. We give you as much information about the fit in the footer of the order form as possible, offer a try before you buy service, and also use our own images taken on a member of our staff. If there is time to rectify this prior to the event, we will try our upmost to come to an agreement. We really don't like sad hens, and we will try our very best to get a top for everyone.

4. Spelling mistake for a nickname.  We fully appreciate , each hen is different, some hens will laugh it off, others will be extremely upset, and we always try to recify orders if this does happen. All tops are handmade, and whilst this rarely happens we will refund the cost of adding the nickname to the back of the top.

5. Spelling mistake on the front of all the tops. We've not done this before, and so, if this is the case we will action this on a order to order basis.