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Nickname Ideas

So you've decided to order Hen T-Shirts, yay! We fully understand this can be a difficult job in itsself. The next question is "what do people have on the backs of their tops?!" Well, this is kind of our thing. We've made so many orders for excited hens, we know exactly what people go for so we've made a dedicated page to help you along.

Most Common

Most common options for the back of Hen tops we've find is quite simply, their names! On most hen parties, you're bringing together different friendship groups, and adding names not only helps each other remember names, but is a fantastic and unique momento for each of the hens who attend.

Close Second

In a similar way to the above, another very popular nickname idea is a saucy word followed by their name, for Example, Kinky Katy, Raunchy Rach, Naughty Nat, Anal Ally, Busty Becky.

Some hen groups and more riske than others, it really does depend on the group of girls so think wisely about this girls! You'll need to have a long hard think about whether the brides mother would wan't "Minge Munching Marg" on the back of her top.... but then.... each to their own, we don't judge! (and yes, those kind of names are printed time to time!)

Other Nicknames

We can accomodate for most styles on our website, and below is a few examples of how we can layout the backs for you. You can order your t-shirts and add your nicknames all through our website

1 line of text: £1.50

to do this all you need to do is select nickname whilst making your order.

2 lines of text: £3.50

Select nickname and number, and put in your names. We will space them out appropriately.


Name & Location: £3.50

Select nickname and number. If you want all the tops to have the same 1st or 2nd line, just put it in the notes of the order form.


Name & Number: £3.50
Select nickname and number. Put the number after the name and we will space out appropriately



How many lines of text can I have on the back?

When you select to have a nickname on the design you want, this is for 1 line of text.  You can of course have a second or third line if you wish. click here to add another line of text and more infomation will be explained to you.

Can I add a photo to the back of my tops?

Yes you can. Click here to add a photo to the back of your tops.

Can I add an image to the back of my tops?

Yes you can. Click here to add an image to the back of my tops